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depotA Brief History of Dell

Early Arkansas Photos from the Collection of Curtis C. Duncan

  Local Area History:


WPA Writer's Project: Pemiscot Bayou, Little River, & Big Lake in the early years

Local Cemeteries in the Dell Area: The Mooney Cemetery, North of Dell; The Wilkins Cemetery, Ekron/Half Moon; The Shady Grove Cemetery, Shonyo; The Simmons Plantation Cemetery

Lois Lenski Wrote & Illustrated Three Books On Life In Mississippi County, AR

Growing Up in the Delta

"The Cotton Boll" 1939 Dell School Annual

"Killing Bares Jungle Casino at Perryville"

Memories of Big Lake 1950s

Memories of the Dell Boy Scout Troop 255

Memories of the Farmers Gin Company of Dell

One Famous Local: Al Hibbler

Retro 50s at the Old Greyhound Bus Station

Local Pottery From Delta Clay

Folk Art Portrays Delta Life

Some Early Dell History, Magers Farm

Everett-Short Log Home

A Victorian Christmas, 1994

Family Archives:

The Wilson Family

Eveline Wright and Moses Crawford Family

 John Wellington Whistle Family

The Hectors

William Henry Payne and Louella Mae Tate Family

C. C. Golden/Moody Family



And the sons become the fathers, And the daughters will be wives,

As the torch is passed from hand to hand,

And we struggle through our lives.

Though the generations wander, The lineage survives;

And all of us, from dust to dust,

Become forefathers by and by. (Dan Fogelberg)


"Daily our grandparents are moving out of our lives, taking with them, irreparably, the kind of information contained in this book. They are taking it, not because they want to, but because they think we don't care." (From the Foxfire series) Like that remote area in the Appalachias, our Northeast Arkansas Delta history and folk culture is in jeopardy of being lost. Our grandparents are leaving us, too, with all the stories and ways of living familiar to this Delta culture during the early 20th century. Help us preserve this history--our history. Talk to your family. Write down their stories. Save their photographs. Leave a legacy for future generations. "We can only know where we're going by looking at where we've been."



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