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The History of the Evaline Wright
and Moses Crawford Family

Compiled information from the records of

Lois Crawford and Mary F. Crawford Lendennie, 

and the files of Dru Duncan


The progenitor of this Crawford family was Moses Crawford, born ca 1805 in Georgia and died October 23, 1888, married in 1831 near Helena, Arkansas, Evaline Wright, born in Tennessee and died August 24, 1876, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Moses parents were from South Carolina. He came to Arkansas with his parents in his youth. After marrying Evaline, Moses first busied himself in rafting, hunting and also did a little farming. At that time, other occupations were more profitable than farming. They moved to Mississippi, then to Osceola in 1844 and made one crop before settling on land in Chickasawba Township in 1845. They cleared 35 acres and lived there ten years. They sold their farm and moved to Pemiscot Bayou where they remained until their death. To Moses and Evaline were born eight children: Sarah Evaline Crawford, Mary Jane Crawford, Nancy Evaline Crawford, William Crawford, George W. Crawford, John Charles Crawford, Charles Moses Crawford, and Thomas Yates (T. Y.) Crawford.

Reverend William L. Crawford, born February 15, 1847 and died January 13, 1916, buried Mooney Cemetery, married Lula Field, born February 1870 and died June 27, 1920, buried Mooney Cemetery. 

T. Y. Crawford was the eldest of the eight, born  in 1833, St. Francis County, Arkansas. T. Y. began working for himself at the age of seventeen, working, hunting and working in wood yards on the river . Previous to his marriage to Miriam Myra Potter at the age of twenty-three, he had purchased a farm in Missouri. This farm was traded to his father, Moses, for the homeplace on the Pemiscot Bayou. T. Y. lived there until his death. The farm comprised 274 acres, 60 under cultivation, was improved with  buildings, fences, and orchards. In 1888, T. Y. began running a trading boat down the bayou but the next winter brought his stock of goods to his house and kept a successful store there.  To T. Y. and Miriam were born:
1.Tom W. Crawford,
2. John T. Crawford,
3. George W. Crawford,
4. Wesley Crawford,
5. Margaret P. Crawford,
6. W. Richard (Dick) Crawford, married Nancy Moody, born February 1867, Arkansas. They lived in Gosnell. To them were born:

6-1. Hardy Richard Crawford, Sr., born May 3, 1892 and died June 17, 1961,  married November 18, 1915, Mary Emma Akin, born 28 November 1897, Yarbro, Arkansas and died 22 March  1979, Blytheville, Arkansas, the daughter of Benjamin Akin, born November 1875, Tennessee and died 19 September 1946, Blytheville, Arkansas, married 29 December 1896, Tipton County, Tennessee,  Clara Chapman  of Yarbro, Arkansas, born 1875 and died 20 July 1954, Blytheville, Arkansas.  H. R. and Mary Emma  moved to Dell in the early 1920s, where H. R. Senior was a bookkeeper and co-owner of the Dell Cotton Gin Company.  They owned a home on Main Street opposite the Dell Methodist Church.  H. R. Senior was the Mayor of Dell during the years 1935-37.  To H. R. Senior and Mary Emma were born:

6-1-1. Richard Benjamin  (R. B.) Crawford, born September 10, 1917, Yarbro, Arkansas and died  April 5, 1990, married in 1938, Thelma Koehler. He graduated from Dell High School and attended Arkansas State College in Jonesboro. He served his country in the Air force during World War II. R. B. and Thelma lived in Dell where R. B. was the manager of the Dell Compress until 1958. They moved to fresno, California where he was associated with the cotton industry. To R. B. and Thelma were born: 6-1-1-1. Thelma Louise (Lucy) Crawford;

6-1-1-2. Barbara Joan Crawford,  6-1-2. Hardy R. (H. R.) Crawford, Jr., born February 21, 1920 and died October 5, 1995, Dell, Mississippi County, Arkansas, married Lois Aileen Gaither of Caruthersville, Missouri. H. R. lived in Dell nearly all of his life. He worked as a bookkeeper and was manager of the Dell Water Company.   And other thing……….------- In  1950-51, H. R. was the Recorder for  the Dell Town Council. To H. R. and Lois were born two children: 6-1-2-1. Lois Gaye Crawford, married  ; 6-1-2-2. Robert Hunter Crawford.

6-1-3. Emma Lou Crawford, born December 17, 1922 and died January 19, 1989, married Malcolm Greenway of Dell. To Emma Lou and Malcolm were born: 6-1-3-1. Rebecca Greenway  6-1-3-2. Malcolm Greenway, Jr.

6-1-4. Virginia Crawford, born December 10, 1924, married Harold Knop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Virginia graduated from Dell High School and attended Arkansas State College. To Virginia and Harold was born: 6-1-4-1. Kathleen Knop.

6-1-5. Mary Francis Crawford, born January 27, 1929, married 1948 Johnny Lendennie. Mary Francis graduated from Dell High School and attended Arkansas State College. To Mary Francis and Johnny were born: 6-1-5-1. Mary Jean Lendennie  6-1-5-2. John Richard Lendennie;
6-1-5-3. Steven Lucius Lendennie.
                6-2. Dixie Crawford, born ca 1904 and died January 1950, Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas
                6-3. Clarence Crawford
                6-4. Henry Crawford
                6-5. Katy Crawford (Hart)
                6-6. Relee Crawford (Sanders)
                6-7. Annie Crawford (Mosely)

7.Isaac Y. Crawford
8.Mary Bell Crawford
9. Edward M. Crawford

10. Henry L. Crawford.